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We’re passionate about providing high quality, person-centred support for people with sensory impairment or limited mobility, supporting them to enjoy a more fulfilling and independent life.


Chiropractor at Work

Physical Disability Care

Being physically disabled does not mean that the people should stop living here at Energize Care we believe that any physically disabled person has the right to lead an active, live life to the fullest and it is our role to make that possible.

We provide a professional service which can maximise the independence of a physically disabled person. We understand that each customer has different needs. Frequently we help with elements of personal care such as help with getting up , everyday household chores  and either washing or showering.

Our service also goes further than this as our ethic is person centred and therefore we want each customer to feel independent and enjoy life.

If you have a physical disability or someone living with you has you may need assistance to use the facilities in your home, for instance the bathroom, toilet and the kitchen. Or you just may need personal assistance for accessing the community, Energize Care can provide you with all that assistance which will be tailored to your specific needs and delivered by the most highly skilled and caring professionals to make sure you are living life to its full potential.

Our care workers also assist a number of people to work full or part-time. We can support you to continue with, or become involved in, voluntary work, formal employment, educational courses and other leisure or social activities, as well as with trips to visit family and friends and places like the bank, doctor’s surgery or shops.

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