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We have one aim at Energize Care - to help our clients live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.


Chiropractor at Work

Dementia Care

As two thirds of all people with dementia live in their own home, either alone or with family carers, it is vital that we are able to demonstrate good practice in the support we provide. We provide training and development to enable care workers to easily identify any difficulties that they may encounter while providing care and support to people with dementia. We are committed to supporting older people to retain and/or regain their independence for as long as reasonably possible, whilst maintaining a good quality of life. The team will provide care and support packages for older adults that may include:

  • Personal care

  • Dietary requirements

  • Supporting people with sensory loss

Being fully aware of the Dementia Strategy (Nov 2010) and understand how distressing dementia can be for both the individual concerned and their families, we offer a sensitive and common sense approach to care by being flexible in developing bespoke packages that can increase or decrease input as required. 

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