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We have one aim at Energize Care - to help our clients live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.


Chiropractor at Work

Mental Health Care

As an agency we have extensive experience of supporting individuals who have mental health problems. We understand the stigma and discrimination faced by people mental health can be influenced by things like having good relationships and meaningful work, housing and feeling part of a community. Energize Care we are able to provide one to one support or access to local community facilities.

 We have experience and expertise in supporting people with mental health problems to make their journey of recovery. We have recovery training for our workers that promotes and develops good practice in supporting people to recover.

Our flexible approach means we can work with individuals and families to design packages of care that meet identified needs. This may include several visits per day for short periods of time or longer periods of support in order to access the community and activities. We provide packages of care that support the transfer from a hospital environment into the community with reintegration as the ultimate goal. 

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